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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Year and Six Days Since Last Post

It's been a very long year! On April 15th of 2011 I reached out of the shower to get a towel and wala-- something happened in my back. Over three days it got much worse and I was in such pain I could not move. Laying on my back for days the pain was unbelievable. Doctor Visit via Emergency Room and he said it was a strain--I knew it was something else but went along with him. What a trooper Lynn has been for all this time but the pain was so great I could not walk at all.

Acupuncture was next! Three weeks of that and on the last visit she must have hit something as when I came home and stepped up on the curb, I lost all feeling in my left leg, just like it was asleep. and down I went like a rock. With Lynn's help and two wonderful neighbors, I made it to the house.

We had a cruise planned and I was sure I would be better but we decided that if I got a power wheelchair, I could make it. Make it I did but don't remember much of the trip as I was on codeine and not with the program. On my back was where I wanted to be--not moving and trying not to roll over or take deep breaths. Sitting up was just OK but getting to the sitting up position was always a terrible scream. Poor Lynn, he wanted and tried to help but nothing worked.

Went to a back specialist and he just looked me after he shook out hands and told me that when he sees folks in those power chairs he just thinks they are LAZY. He hit my knees a couple of times and said all I needed was physical therapy----so off I went to a therapist had me doing exercises legs and knees up to my chest and pushing against Lynn hand. They were making my back much worse so I quit. Finally found a back specialist and they have burned the nerves on my life side and will do the same I hope on my right side and then I will just have to live with the pain that is left. I am doing better! Said to my self that I was good cause I didn't have to fight cancer or something else. I am now into 15 months of not walking and I can get around almost anywhere. I thank God for the ADA act! You don't know until you are in this place. Bathrooms are the worst! I have seen some real dillies! Moving on and thanks to my good neighbors and friends and family I am GOOD!

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