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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Year and Six Days Since Last Post

It's been a very long year! On April 15th of 2011 I reached out of the shower to get a towel and wala-- something happened in my back. Over three days it got much worse and I was in such pain I could not move. Laying on my back for days the pain was unbelievable. Doctor Visit via Emergency Room and he said it was a strain--I knew it was something else but went along with him. What a trooper Lynn has been for all this time but the pain was so great I could not walk at all.

Acupuncture was next! Three weeks of that and on the last visit she must have hit something as when I came home and stepped up on the curb, I lost all feeling in my left leg, just like it was asleep. and down I went like a rock. With Lynn's help and two wonderful neighbors, I made it to the house.

We had a cruise planned and I was sure I would be better but we decided that if I got a power wheelchair, I could make it. Make it I did but don't remember much of the trip as I was on codeine and not with the program. On my back was where I wanted to be--not moving and trying not to roll over or take deep breaths. Sitting up was just OK but getting to the sitting up position was always a terrible scream. Poor Lynn, he wanted and tried to help but nothing worked.

Went to a back specialist and he just looked me after he shook out hands and told me that when he sees folks in those power chairs he just thinks they are LAZY. He hit my knees a couple of times and said all I needed was physical therapy----so off I went to a therapist had me doing exercises legs and knees up to my chest and pushing against Lynn hand. They were making my back much worse so I quit. Finally found a back specialist and they have burned the nerves on my life side and will do the same I hope on my right side and then I will just have to live with the pain that is left. I am doing better! Said to my self that I was good cause I didn't have to fight cancer or something else. I am now into 15 months of not walking and I can get around almost anywhere. I thank God for the ADA act! You don't know until you are in this place. Bathrooms are the worst! I have seen some real dillies! Moving on and thanks to my good neighbors and friends and family I am GOOD!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Moving Right Along---February Already

My Beautiful Orchid

Where or where does the time go?  It was just Jan. 1 and now it is almost Valentines Day.  I have been busy so I guess that makes the time go fast and today I can say my studio is in good shape.  I gained a tall, stainless steel table for my studio.  I can paint on it, clay on it and not worry about anything.  It is on wheels so I can pull it out and walk all around it when I am cutting out fabric and that is a big help along with it 29" height.  Thank you Lynn for getting it for me and putting it together.  I know I will enjoy it many times over.  

Well, my thumb is turning green these days as I am proud to say I have my orchids blooming.  Lynn and Jen gave them to me last year and now I followed the "orchid rules" and they are blooming beautifully.  I have 9 blooms as of today and a few more may come out.  I am like a proud Mamma!

Another variety

Now I am ready to sell on Ebay, Craig's List and Etsy but I did a test sale recently with a box of Jello.  I saw it on a shelf at an estate sale with other Jello but never buy food---but---wait a minute, Barbie Jello?  I had never seen it before so for 25 cents, I thought it might be a fun thing to try out on Ebay!
As kinda a joke and a test of an update on a listing program I have, I listed it for .99 cents.  None were up but after some investigating, it was a box included with a Jello Barbie sold a few years ago.  WHAT DO YOU THINK IT BROUGHT?????   

$12.50 + POSTAGE!
What a deal!  It sure was a fun thing to sell.  Soooooo, our words still ring true.
You Can Sell Almost Anything On Ebay!

A New Year is Upon Us! Welcome 2011

New York City Clocks

What a long time since I have posted!  Time in 2010 just flew by.  My Dad always said " As you get older, the time passes too fast!", and he was right!!!!!!!

We have a very busy fall and December.  We traveled to Florida October, to San Antonio in November and in December it was New York City for Clint's wedding!

Lynn just loves the beach!
In October we drove to Longboat Key, Florida to see Brian and Cathie and stay with them at the beach condo there.   What a fun and very relaxing trip.  The drive was long be we did get to see some of the country we have not seen before and that is on our Bucket List---to travel and see country we have not been to before.   They hired a boat and capitan to take up all around Sarasota. We had a nice lunch on the water at a place they go to often.    What a neat place and their condo is right on the beach so we did some beach sitting and shell picking.  Boy, the sunsets there are amazing. We went on Saturday to look at some condo's that were for sale.  Now,  that will open ones eyes! We felt just like the HGTV show, House Hunters but the Woosley's we not buying. LOL! It was a wonderful few days and we always have a great time with them.

We had a Wonderful Time with Brian and Cathie.
We were very happy to join Clint, Chelsea, Tess and Mona for Thanksgiving in San Antonio.  Clint did the turkey and it turned out fabo.  All the food was sooo good and we also enjoyed a BBQ outside on their covered patio.  That outdoor kitchen it really wonderful-----Lynn?  Might have to put that on our Bucket List.  While we were they we were able to visit our good friends, Jim and Jennifer Hamilton.  Lynn and Jim were cops in Des Moines and we have been great friends since even with us going in different directions in life.  Their daughter, Emily was able to spend some time with us for dinner and it was so good to see them all.

Dr. and Mrs. Clint Woosley
Clint and Chelsea

Well, on December 2nd, Lynn, myself, Jennifer, Mark, Sydney and Sam flew to New York to enjoy the weekend and attend Clint and Chelsea's wedding.  Yes, we survived the TSA--none of us had to be scanned!   Clint had sent a car for us at the airport and we traveled to midtown Manhattan to our hotel.  It was just a few blocks from EVERYTHING!  Jen, Mark and kids did it ALL but us older folks just enjoyed the hotel and a great place to eat right near the hotel.  We did a tour of NY on Saturday and I got to see the Statue of Liberty and tour NY with Lynn so now those two things are off my Bucket List along with riding in a stretch limo---Clint had one sent to take us to the wedding.  What fun!   On Friday we were honored to attend their wedding at the Library Hotel, rooftop atrium and fun party with most of Chelsea's family there and all of us.  Brian and Cathie were not able to attend, darn but we all did enjoy the afternoon. Chelsea's daughter Mona (5) and Tess stood up with them. That night Clint treated us all to the Rocketts Christmas Show at Rockeller Center.   It was such a great show but over way too fast.  We enjoyed our selves so much.  All in all, even with the cold weather, it was such a fun experience.

 I know we will be going back because on December 15th, our granddaughter, Tess (Clint's daughter) got her acceptance letter from New York University where she will be attending in the fall of 2011!  How exciting for all of us as that is where she wanted to go and she was able to be accepted! We are proud and know that she will accomplish all that she wants.  Congrats, Tess!
Buddy with a 24 x 36 painting I did for our outside decor.

The Christmas holidays came upon us way too fast.  We only did a small amount of decor in the house and I painted a 24x36 canvas of a snowman for outside.  We decorated our bike against the tree and put up a wooden Christmas Tree out side which was given to us by the Wigg's years ago.  Christmas Eve were took a chili dinner out to Jen's and we did our traditional Christmas Cookie Contest!  We decided to open our gifts that night and just have a quite day on Christmas Day!   As usual, we got wonderful gifts and enjoyed our evening very much.  Jen won the contest with her snow globe cookie but there were some great cookie art amongst the runners up.  Even though he doesn't want to admit it, Lynn enjoys the contest every year and comes up with some good ones
And the winners are!!!!!
Finally, I got to see the Statue of Liberty!
Check if off my Bucket List.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving Week

Another Holiday season is right around the corner.  This week we will celebrate our Thanksgiving with Clint, Chelsea, Tess and Mona in San Antonio.  WE wil be cooking so should be great fun.  I will be in charge of the traditional Corn Souffle and Clint is in charge of the Turkey!  We will drive down on Wednesday and come back home on Saturday and hope to be able to do some shopping at the outlet mall either going or coming but think going would be the best timing.  Will try to stop and visit our nephew, Dave and Anne and see their new home in Austin!  Also hope to connect with our friends, Jim and Jennifer Hamilton if they are in San Antonio.

We are so excited about our new 55" TV.  Amazing how things can be a big deal, even though it is just a TV.  First of all, we had to get the TV on sale!  Next, decided where to put it and the bedroom won out!
We spend much more time watching TV there so we moved our other TV from the bedroom to the living room and it just fit the Cabinet--Whew!  Well, that left us with furniture ro purchase and three trips to Ikea and two 6-drawer dressers to put together.   Lynn is a real champ!  Then is was connecting the TV's up to HighDef!   Not in a rush, we have it done as of this morning!  Yoo Hoo!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's Fall in Texas

This is my most favorite time of year in Texas!

Lynn and I have been enjoying the cooler temps and we put a blanket on the bed last night and turned off the ceiling fan!   No, not ready for heat but it did feel good!

I have been resting up from my Albuquerque trip and workshop with Lindly Haunani.  It was such fun and I learned lots!  Now to apply it.   If you ever have the opportunity to take one of her workshops, do!  Worth every penny.  It focused on color and mixing color!  That is a very weak point with my art so getting more comfortable with it was a good thing.  

We went to our neighborhood National Night Out last night at or neighborhood park and enjoy it very much.  It good to know your neighbors and we enjoyed the Spring Creek BBQ, also!  I took this pic with my iPhone just after sunset.
It was getting chilly----oh, did I say that?

Our back garden has done very well this last few months and for a time, we called it the jungle.   Now we know what grows back there----will have to work next year to transplant and eliminate some of the plants.   Didn't think we would ever say that!  Lynn took it down to nothing---not a plant or a blade of grass and now it it amazing.  Our moon plant came back and we even had a few to give away.  Now I have seeds---anyone want some?

He had planted one little evergreen and made the path! It's bigger than it looks here.  

Mid summer this year--about 18 months after we started.

We trimmed back this week so we could get off the porch. Our trees have grown to about 30' tall!

We cut back the Moon Flower and harvested some of the seeds.  This plant is beautiful.  At one time we have over 30 blooms open.     
The Flower
The seeds. Very sharp all over.

Hope to collect more and put them in the ground in other places.  Also, had a purple double one in Mineola and working on getting seeds from that one, too.   That would be special as it is one beautiful plant.  

Off to work on my clay and get my studio set up for some card making and cutting with the Cricut---so much to do and so little time.  How did I do it when I worked?

Monday, August 2, 2010

Hot in Texas!

Lynn and I on our 46th Wedding Anniversary
San Antonio, Tx.  July 18th

Today it is going to be HOT!  I am staying in and playing with Polymer Clay.  I forget to write on the Blog and I am going to be better about it, I hope.   This summer has just flown by for us.  We have been pretty busy with family and friends and trips and trying to catch up on the "TO DO" list.   It sees as we get a few more things done, more are added.  Lynn loves to work off of a list.   He is toooooo funny as if he does something that is not on the list, he writes it down and then crosses it off!!!!!  Whatever works to keep him busy and out of trouble.  

I am waiting on a little book in the mail that is a project for me and one of my friends, Shirley.  
Art House Project

What fun this is going to be.  Wish mine would come soon.   Check it out.  Will try to post some of my pages here when I get them done.  

Here is our Buddy waiting for his 4th of July photo shoot.  He just laid down and waited until we were really ready!
He really is a ham and love to have his pictures taken.  

Monday, April 19, 2010

Another Beautiful Spring in Texas

What a beautiful spring we are having in Texas so far. We have never in all the 29 years we have been here seen the Bluebonnets so beautiful! We took a drive thru the hill country on Saturday and the fields were amazing. Indian Paint Brush of orange and some little yellow daisy type and then the beautiful white wild flowers, they just took or breath away. Hopefully on the way back to Richardson tomorrow we will get to take more pictures.
Since I have been on here last time we have remained busy with our home, family, travel and yard. Lynn has most of the garden back yard all done. He re-did the watering system, planted more shrubs and is about ready to stain our wood patio deck. Hope it dries out for a few days so we can get it done. We want to do something with the wall but can't decide what. We have been working bit by bit in our shed and garage getting rid of more stuff and putting like items together. That will make life a bit easier.
We planned on a trip to Alabama the third week of March and we got all ready to go and headed east but before we made it to Shreveport, Lynn turned the truck and trailer around and back we came. I became very sick due to an electrolyte problem and I was as sick as I have ever been. Lynn was correct to turn around. We were almost back to Richardson before I knew it. Much better now!
There was no way to go but to get better. Also, I took a spill this week from my three wheel cart when Buddy and a cat got mixed up and that little 20 pound dog can really pull you over!!! Several wounds that will heal over time but NOTHING broken!!!

We came to Austin on Saturday for Lynn to attend certification hours for being a police officer. 20 hours this year and 40 next so he can remain a Bailiff and Warrant Officer. We go back to the real world tomorrow. He is still loving working for the City and I know it gives him a break from me a few days a month!!! Hee

If you ever want to come and see the Bluebonnets in the spring, let us know so we can join you.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

House Closed and We Are Not Landlords Now!

Good Morning! Our house in Mineola did close!!!!! Lynn and I were laughing as we rented the house to them for two weeks and we can say we were landlords now in a resume. Too funny. Well, I never want to be a landlord and on top of the worry about the house, you have other folks in there doing things to your house you might not want them too. Lynn and I put so much of ourselves in the house that we feel it is part of us. Part of our lives. Now it's sold, that part is gone but we had good memories there.

I guess living in a small town can be good but when you are so far from family, friends, airport, craft stores and great food, it's hard to live like you have been used to. Yes, running to the store in 3 minutes and being able to be at Wal-Mart in 4 is easy but there are some things you give up. Your privacy--it seems everyone wants to know what you are doing, where you are going and where you have been. You get to know folks a little better than maybe you really wanted to. We made some good friends there but left Mineola with a sigh of relief when it came to some. Mineola was a learning experience for Lynn and I and I hope we have grown from the experience. I have always thought friends treat you like you treat them but THAT IS NOT SO in some cases and we learned that the hard way in Mineola. We cherish our friendships and family and found that isn't always the case with some. What a learning experience we had in the small town---give me the city anytime. We missed our GOOD friends here in the Dallas area and of course it is great to be back near Jennifer and family.

Life is just to short for all the drama in a small town for us. Pettiness thrives in the small town. It seems in the city the little things go by the wayside and that is really good for my personality.

Another chapter, another learning experience gone past. Looking forward to the next few years here in the Dallas area.

More soon.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

February Hello!

Today is strange for me. I feel good and my house is in order, the sun is shinning and all is good. Maybe it's because we are to close on our Mineola house tomorrow. Due to a few problems on their part, we have had to wait a month after expected closing but we did rent it to them for two weeks. I sure do hope they enjoy the home as much as we did. It was a work of love and I think they will improve it even more with putting in new windows! There are 21 windows 7 are 4' x 6' each. I am sure the windows will be very expensive but I hope it will improve the home even more. We did love that house but we really love being here in Dallas area. This home is so right for us. Looking forward to spring and our garden yard. I will miss the 7 Dogwood trees we had out there but maybe we will try one here this spring. Not sure the soil is right?

Well, off to play with my Cricut! More soon.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Starting the Year Off Right

Molly, the Cat
Painted this in 2004, boy, that seems along time ago!

It's January and we have been planning out next year, well, sort of, as it is hard to make a plan when you have so much time to play with. We started out right with cleaning out the pantry, fridge, kitchen cupboards but got off track somehow. Yes, it is easy when you are doing things you don't enjoy. I have done some more in my studio but NOT enough!

Last Monday it was in the 70's here after a week of bitter cold for North Texas so we decided to go out to the lake and bring in the trailer to the Mineola house, clean it up and find a spot for it when the house sells. Took some work as we had built a deck between the other deck and behind the trailer and when we did, we didn't think about pulling out. Well, Lynn tore out the middle deck, salvaged the steps and off we went with our little home on wheels. Thursday we went back out and Lynn power washed the trailer. It really needed it as the front side had black all over it. We did enjoy it out at the lake but felt we didn't use it enough for the expense and we want to go to Alabama in March so really decided to have it more accessible when we want to go.
We will miss the view!

Our Little Fun Finder

Well, listed some items on Craig's List and Ebay today and need to take more pictures for Ebay listings so better get going. I think Lynn is napping with Buddy---good thing to do on a rainy Sat. afternoon.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy New Year! 2010

Here is Buddy Joe in his Cowboy Outfit!
He really does watch the game with us and wants them to WIN in the playoffs!

Happy New Year, 2010

We had a white Christmas this year and that was fun! Weather here has been very cold for Texas but I think we might be coming out of it this week. Lynn and I don't like the cold and stay in as much as possible when it is like this. Very fortunate to be able to do it and not have to brave the weather.

Started this year off with a bang! Organized all our kitchen cupboards, front hall cupboard, walk-in pantry and it feels GOOD! Now for our master closet and all those clothes we don't wear anymore! When one is retired, it seems that clothing is just not the same. We seem to enjoy the same "comfort" clothes and the good stuff just stays in the closet. Well, we think we might like to get rid of some of the baggage so one of these next few days, it will happen.

Lynn is working up to his annual tax receipt day or days. In Texas you can deduct you sales tax from your income tax so he keep every receipt and at the beginning of the year, sits down and collects all the sales tax off the paperwork. Now I mean receipts with even a few cents! It takes him time but I guess he feels he wants to do it sooooo it does save us on taxes! On year, about $800. I guess it is worth it!

We are looking forward to Spring and working in our back yard. It won't be as hard this year as most of the plants are there. Now we can decided if they need to be moved or what else we want. More evergreen shrubs and some color.

We have decided to leave the lake. It was fun but we didn't go out there often enough to spend the money. We also want to travel a bit more this year and with it there, it is somewhat "set" and not as available. Hope to head to Florida or Alabama in March or April. We will have these memories and hopefully will find another good place to park it a bit closed to home. We might try our back drive but Richardson some some tight rules about things like that!!!
Check back to see what I am up to with my new toys! More soon.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Fall!

We are enjoying the fall weather here in Texas. Now, not to say the rain has been heavy and is getting old but the lakes are full and the plants are green. This is something we don't see much in the Dallas area in the fall. We did see some turning leaves this week so maybe fall will show up soon.

We did sell our scooters and hated to see them go but we felt that we had enjoyed them in the "country" but the city was not the best place to have them. Lynn is on a quest to own no extra motors!!! I guess the Mercedes it next to go. Well, we hope.

We want to wish everyone a happy and healthy fall and hope you are all looking forward to Thanksgiving. I know we are---turkey, yum! This year has passed so quickly for Lynn and me and I need my time to slow a bit so think maybe staying home and concentrating on painting and cardmaking along with polymer clay will fill my winter. It is so hard to have so many interests!

Remember, if you are coming this way---please let us know. We would love to see you!

View from our patio at the lake.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lynn's Little Baby

Brought this into Dallas yesterday from our home in Mineola. Lynn has had it in storage.
His little baby---he wants to sell it but after driving it in, he has second thoughts! Boys and their toys. It has a hard top, too and almost mint. Rides and drives like a jewel. All original. He has been saying he wants everything to go that has a motor! Sold the Yamaha Zuma last week and working on the one he bought for me. We both decided we have survived a year + without a wreck or near wreck and probably we need to make sure we stay healthy so we can enjoy out next few years. Good move, don't you think? They really were fun in Mineola but Dallas,well, that is a different story. Three cars, two trailers, one scooter----lots of insurance and only two people.
Been very cool here the last few days and really feeling like fall! Rain, Rain! We have had a strange thing happen to us. Hole in roof, almost a perfect circle and directly thru a shingle. Nice leak in the dining room but we have it fixed. I heard a terrible crack noise last week or maybe two and could not figure what it was. Well, must have been something that fell from the sky---no trees around at all, no storms and went thru the roof and pretty thick sheeting. Hard to get to place to check to see what it was but either a plane dropped something or from the heavens. Sure glad it didn't hit me!!!!!
Our Class reunion was super. Will have much more to put up in a few days but I am leaving for a workshop Thurs in Albuquerque for four days so will be busy getting ready this week. Things are slowing down just in time to speed up for the Holidays!!!