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Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy New Year! 2010

Here is Buddy Joe in his Cowboy Outfit!
He really does watch the game with us and wants them to WIN in the playoffs!

Happy New Year, 2010

We had a white Christmas this year and that was fun! Weather here has been very cold for Texas but I think we might be coming out of it this week. Lynn and I don't like the cold and stay in as much as possible when it is like this. Very fortunate to be able to do it and not have to brave the weather.

Started this year off with a bang! Organized all our kitchen cupboards, front hall cupboard, walk-in pantry and it feels GOOD! Now for our master closet and all those clothes we don't wear anymore! When one is retired, it seems that clothing is just not the same. We seem to enjoy the same "comfort" clothes and the good stuff just stays in the closet. Well, we think we might like to get rid of some of the baggage so one of these next few days, it will happen.

Lynn is working up to his annual tax receipt day or days. In Texas you can deduct you sales tax from your income tax so he keep every receipt and at the beginning of the year, sits down and collects all the sales tax off the paperwork. Now I mean receipts with even a few cents! It takes him time but I guess he feels he wants to do it sooooo it does save us on taxes! On year, about $800. I guess it is worth it!

We are looking forward to Spring and working in our back yard. It won't be as hard this year as most of the plants are there. Now we can decided if they need to be moved or what else we want. More evergreen shrubs and some color.

We have decided to leave the lake. It was fun but we didn't go out there often enough to spend the money. We also want to travel a bit more this year and with it there, it is somewhat "set" and not as available. Hope to head to Florida or Alabama in March or April. We will have these memories and hopefully will find another good place to park it a bit closed to home. We might try our back drive but Richardson some some tight rules about things like that!!!
Check back to see what I am up to with my new toys! More soon.

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