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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Starting the Year Off Right

Molly, the Cat
Painted this in 2004, boy, that seems along time ago!

It's January and we have been planning out next year, well, sort of, as it is hard to make a plan when you have so much time to play with. We started out right with cleaning out the pantry, fridge, kitchen cupboards but got off track somehow. Yes, it is easy when you are doing things you don't enjoy. I have done some more in my studio but NOT enough!

Last Monday it was in the 70's here after a week of bitter cold for North Texas so we decided to go out to the lake and bring in the trailer to the Mineola house, clean it up and find a spot for it when the house sells. Took some work as we had built a deck between the other deck and behind the trailer and when we did, we didn't think about pulling out. Well, Lynn tore out the middle deck, salvaged the steps and off we went with our little home on wheels. Thursday we went back out and Lynn power washed the trailer. It really needed it as the front side had black all over it. We did enjoy it out at the lake but felt we didn't use it enough for the expense and we want to go to Alabama in March so really decided to have it more accessible when we want to go.
We will miss the view!

Our Little Fun Finder

Well, listed some items on Craig's List and Ebay today and need to take more pictures for Ebay listings so better get going. I think Lynn is napping with Buddy---good thing to do on a rainy Sat. afternoon.

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