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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's Fall in Texas

This is my most favorite time of year in Texas!

Lynn and I have been enjoying the cooler temps and we put a blanket on the bed last night and turned off the ceiling fan!   No, not ready for heat but it did feel good!

I have been resting up from my Albuquerque trip and workshop with Lindly Haunani.  It was such fun and I learned lots!  Now to apply it.   If you ever have the opportunity to take one of her workshops, do!  Worth every penny.  It focused on color and mixing color!  That is a very weak point with my art so getting more comfortable with it was a good thing.  

We went to our neighborhood National Night Out last night at or neighborhood park and enjoy it very much.  It good to know your neighbors and we enjoyed the Spring Creek BBQ, also!  I took this pic with my iPhone just after sunset.
It was getting chilly----oh, did I say that?

Our back garden has done very well this last few months and for a time, we called it the jungle.   Now we know what grows back there----will have to work next year to transplant and eliminate some of the plants.   Didn't think we would ever say that!  Lynn took it down to nothing---not a plant or a blade of grass and now it it amazing.  Our moon plant came back and we even had a few to give away.  Now I have seeds---anyone want some?

He had planted one little evergreen and made the path! It's bigger than it looks here.  

Mid summer this year--about 18 months after we started.

We trimmed back this week so we could get off the porch. Our trees have grown to about 30' tall!

We cut back the Moon Flower and harvested some of the seeds.  This plant is beautiful.  At one time we have over 30 blooms open.     
The Flower
The seeds. Very sharp all over.

Hope to collect more and put them in the ground in other places.  Also, had a purple double one in Mineola and working on getting seeds from that one, too.   That would be special as it is one beautiful plant.  

Off to work on my clay and get my studio set up for some card making and cutting with the Cricut---so much to do and so little time.  How did I do it when I worked?

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Shirley said...

You guys always do such wonders remodeling and such. You should buy houses and turn them :)