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Monday, August 2, 2010

Hot in Texas!

Lynn and I on our 46th Wedding Anniversary
San Antonio, Tx.  July 18th

Today it is going to be HOT!  I am staying in and playing with Polymer Clay.  I forget to write on the Blog and I am going to be better about it, I hope.   This summer has just flown by for us.  We have been pretty busy with family and friends and trips and trying to catch up on the "TO DO" list.   It sees as we get a few more things done, more are added.  Lynn loves to work off of a list.   He is toooooo funny as if he does something that is not on the list, he writes it down and then crosses it off!!!!!  Whatever works to keep him busy and out of trouble.  

I am waiting on a little book in the mail that is a project for me and one of my friends, Shirley.  
Art House Project

What fun this is going to be.  Wish mine would come soon.   Check it out.  Will try to post some of my pages here when I get them done.  

Here is our Buddy waiting for his 4th of July photo shoot.  He just laid down and waited until we were really ready!
He really is a ham and love to have his pictures taken.  

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