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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Moving Right Along---February Already

My Beautiful Orchid

Where or where does the time go?  It was just Jan. 1 and now it is almost Valentines Day.  I have been busy so I guess that makes the time go fast and today I can say my studio is in good shape.  I gained a tall, stainless steel table for my studio.  I can paint on it, clay on it and not worry about anything.  It is on wheels so I can pull it out and walk all around it when I am cutting out fabric and that is a big help along with it 29" height.  Thank you Lynn for getting it for me and putting it together.  I know I will enjoy it many times over.  

Well, my thumb is turning green these days as I am proud to say I have my orchids blooming.  Lynn and Jen gave them to me last year and now I followed the "orchid rules" and they are blooming beautifully.  I have 9 blooms as of today and a few more may come out.  I am like a proud Mamma!

Another variety

Now I am ready to sell on Ebay, Craig's List and Etsy but I did a test sale recently with a box of Jello.  I saw it on a shelf at an estate sale with other Jello but never buy food---but---wait a minute, Barbie Jello?  I had never seen it before so for 25 cents, I thought it might be a fun thing to try out on Ebay!
As kinda a joke and a test of an update on a listing program I have, I listed it for .99 cents.  None were up but after some investigating, it was a box included with a Jello Barbie sold a few years ago.  WHAT DO YOU THINK IT BROUGHT?????   

$12.50 + POSTAGE!
What a deal!  It sure was a fun thing to sell.  Soooooo, our words still ring true.
You Can Sell Almost Anything On Ebay!

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