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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A New Year is Upon Us! Welcome 2011

New York City Clocks

What a long time since I have posted!  Time in 2010 just flew by.  My Dad always said " As you get older, the time passes too fast!", and he was right!!!!!!!

We have a very busy fall and December.  We traveled to Florida October, to San Antonio in November and in December it was New York City for Clint's wedding!

Lynn just loves the beach!
In October we drove to Longboat Key, Florida to see Brian and Cathie and stay with them at the beach condo there.   What a fun and very relaxing trip.  The drive was long be we did get to see some of the country we have not seen before and that is on our Bucket List---to travel and see country we have not been to before.   They hired a boat and capitan to take up all around Sarasota. We had a nice lunch on the water at a place they go to often.    What a neat place and their condo is right on the beach so we did some beach sitting and shell picking.  Boy, the sunsets there are amazing. We went on Saturday to look at some condo's that were for sale.  Now,  that will open ones eyes! We felt just like the HGTV show, House Hunters but the Woosley's we not buying. LOL! It was a wonderful few days and we always have a great time with them.

We had a Wonderful Time with Brian and Cathie.
We were very happy to join Clint, Chelsea, Tess and Mona for Thanksgiving in San Antonio.  Clint did the turkey and it turned out fabo.  All the food was sooo good and we also enjoyed a BBQ outside on their covered patio.  That outdoor kitchen it really wonderful-----Lynn?  Might have to put that on our Bucket List.  While we were they we were able to visit our good friends, Jim and Jennifer Hamilton.  Lynn and Jim were cops in Des Moines and we have been great friends since even with us going in different directions in life.  Their daughter, Emily was able to spend some time with us for dinner and it was so good to see them all.

Dr. and Mrs. Clint Woosley
Clint and Chelsea

Well, on December 2nd, Lynn, myself, Jennifer, Mark, Sydney and Sam flew to New York to enjoy the weekend and attend Clint and Chelsea's wedding.  Yes, we survived the TSA--none of us had to be scanned!   Clint had sent a car for us at the airport and we traveled to midtown Manhattan to our hotel.  It was just a few blocks from EVERYTHING!  Jen, Mark and kids did it ALL but us older folks just enjoyed the hotel and a great place to eat right near the hotel.  We did a tour of NY on Saturday and I got to see the Statue of Liberty and tour NY with Lynn so now those two things are off my Bucket List along with riding in a stretch limo---Clint had one sent to take us to the wedding.  What fun!   On Friday we were honored to attend their wedding at the Library Hotel, rooftop atrium and fun party with most of Chelsea's family there and all of us.  Brian and Cathie were not able to attend, darn but we all did enjoy the afternoon. Chelsea's daughter Mona (5) and Tess stood up with them. That night Clint treated us all to the Rocketts Christmas Show at Rockeller Center.   It was such a great show but over way too fast.  We enjoyed our selves so much.  All in all, even with the cold weather, it was such a fun experience.

 I know we will be going back because on December 15th, our granddaughter, Tess (Clint's daughter) got her acceptance letter from New York University where she will be attending in the fall of 2011!  How exciting for all of us as that is where she wanted to go and she was able to be accepted! We are proud and know that she will accomplish all that she wants.  Congrats, Tess!
Buddy with a 24 x 36 painting I did for our outside decor.

The Christmas holidays came upon us way too fast.  We only did a small amount of decor in the house and I painted a 24x36 canvas of a snowman for outside.  We decorated our bike against the tree and put up a wooden Christmas Tree out side which was given to us by the Wigg's years ago.  Christmas Eve were took a chili dinner out to Jen's and we did our traditional Christmas Cookie Contest!  We decided to open our gifts that night and just have a quite day on Christmas Day!   As usual, we got wonderful gifts and enjoyed our evening very much.  Jen won the contest with her snow globe cookie but there were some great cookie art amongst the runners up.  Even though he doesn't want to admit it, Lynn enjoys the contest every year and comes up with some good ones
And the winners are!!!!!
Finally, I got to see the Statue of Liberty!
Check if off my Bucket List.

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janice smith said...

Marty, I am so glad you and Lynn are enjoying your retirement to the fullest. What a blessing to have the time and resources to see and do so many wonderful things together! You guys are an inspiration. Love you!