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Saturday, February 20, 2010

House Closed and We Are Not Landlords Now!

Good Morning! Our house in Mineola did close!!!!! Lynn and I were laughing as we rented the house to them for two weeks and we can say we were landlords now in a resume. Too funny. Well, I never want to be a landlord and on top of the worry about the house, you have other folks in there doing things to your house you might not want them too. Lynn and I put so much of ourselves in the house that we feel it is part of us. Part of our lives. Now it's sold, that part is gone but we had good memories there.

I guess living in a small town can be good but when you are so far from family, friends, airport, craft stores and great food, it's hard to live like you have been used to. Yes, running to the store in 3 minutes and being able to be at Wal-Mart in 4 is easy but there are some things you give up. Your privacy--it seems everyone wants to know what you are doing, where you are going and where you have been. You get to know folks a little better than maybe you really wanted to. We made some good friends there but left Mineola with a sigh of relief when it came to some. Mineola was a learning experience for Lynn and I and I hope we have grown from the experience. I have always thought friends treat you like you treat them but THAT IS NOT SO in some cases and we learned that the hard way in Mineola. We cherish our friendships and family and found that isn't always the case with some. What a learning experience we had in the small town---give me the city anytime. We missed our GOOD friends here in the Dallas area and of course it is great to be back near Jennifer and family.

Life is just to short for all the drama in a small town for us. Pettiness thrives in the small town. It seems in the city the little things go by the wayside and that is really good for my personality.

Another chapter, another learning experience gone past. Looking forward to the next few years here in the Dallas area.

More soon.


Anonymous said...

So glad this is behind you. The town we live in is a mid-size town. Large enough to have all the amenities and yet still maintains a community feel about it. But not small enough for everyone to know your business. :)

Anonymous said...

That's one of the reasons I could never move back to a town like Creston. I don't have anything to hide but I don't need everyone to know the details.
That's what Facebook is for! teehee! Joy