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Monday, April 19, 2010

Another Beautiful Spring in Texas

What a beautiful spring we are having in Texas so far. We have never in all the 29 years we have been here seen the Bluebonnets so beautiful! We took a drive thru the hill country on Saturday and the fields were amazing. Indian Paint Brush of orange and some little yellow daisy type and then the beautiful white wild flowers, they just took or breath away. Hopefully on the way back to Richardson tomorrow we will get to take more pictures.
Since I have been on here last time we have remained busy with our home, family, travel and yard. Lynn has most of the garden back yard all done. He re-did the watering system, planted more shrubs and is about ready to stain our wood patio deck. Hope it dries out for a few days so we can get it done. We want to do something with the wall but can't decide what. We have been working bit by bit in our shed and garage getting rid of more stuff and putting like items together. That will make life a bit easier.
We planned on a trip to Alabama the third week of March and we got all ready to go and headed east but before we made it to Shreveport, Lynn turned the truck and trailer around and back we came. I became very sick due to an electrolyte problem and I was as sick as I have ever been. Lynn was correct to turn around. We were almost back to Richardson before I knew it. Much better now!
There was no way to go but to get better. Also, I took a spill this week from my three wheel cart when Buddy and a cat got mixed up and that little 20 pound dog can really pull you over!!! Several wounds that will heal over time but NOTHING broken!!!

We came to Austin on Saturday for Lynn to attend certification hours for being a police officer. 20 hours this year and 40 next so he can remain a Bailiff and Warrant Officer. We go back to the real world tomorrow. He is still loving working for the City and I know it gives him a break from me a few days a month!!! Hee

If you ever want to come and see the Bluebonnets in the spring, let us know so we can join you.

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